Shoe Tree Bouquet Baby Shower Gift Idea

This is a fun craft project for a baby shower gift. The theme is shoes and socks, but you can include finger puppets, hand mitts, booties... anything that looks good on a stick. The card should say something like "Blooms picked fresh from the shoe tree behind my house" and would look cute with a picture of a tree or some shoes.

Shopping List

  • Baby gifts: shoes, slippers, socks, hand mitts, finger or hand puppets... etc.
  • Small wooden dowels
  • Styrofoam balls - get the two smallest sizes from the floral aisle at Michaels or somewhere similar
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • About a dozen fake flowers
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon

The bouquet

The basic concept is putting the gifts on the end of dowels, and wrapping them up with flowers into a bouquet. I secured them to a dowel by putting small styrofoam balls in them, then driving the dowel into the ball. Be careful not to drive the dowel all the way through the ball, or it gets styrofoam everywhere inside the sock.

Steps by Picture

The shoes I got were hanging from a dangly contraption already, so I started by using floral wire to secure them to the end of a dowel.

A shot of them dangling.

I used the larger size of styrofoam ball in the little booties.

A shot of the cute hand mitts. They got a larger styrofoam ball too.

Socks. Baby socks are somehow 20x cuter than adult socks.

Putting a small styrofoam ball on a dowel, to be placed in a baby sock.

A better shot of the ball and dowel.

Sock on a stick.

The assorted baby shoes, socks, hand mitts, and finger puppets in the baby shower gift. The finger puppets were too small for a styrofoam ball, so I secured them around their legs with floral wire.

The fake flowers for the bouquet. They came attached to each other, so I cut them from the base.

The fake flowers again.

I chose out bunches of 1 or 2 flowers with 4 or 5 gifts on dowels, and secured them together with floral wire. I found that trying to secure the whole huge bouquet together didn't work well unless I secured it in smaller sections first.

After completing each of the bouquet sections, I gathered them together once with floral wire, then wrapped tissue paper around the stems and secured that with a length of wired ribbon.

After tying the ribbon into a bow, I used the floral wire to attach a pair of baby socks to the front of it.

A shot of the entire bouquet.

Another shot of the entire baby shower gift.

The tissue paper and bow.