Random projects, bad instructions

I'm a rather spazztic craft lover who likes to record her craft endeavors online. The listing of craft tutorials is completely random, from the easy to the edible, from weird to traditional. Whatever—I have fun making it. Lately, I've been adding a few tutorials created by a friend. Hi everyone, meet Sam. He prefers manly crafts involving power tools.

Most of these instructions I've tried myself, but I'm bad at remembering to take pictures at crucial steps. Some of the craft steps are illustrated, but most aren't. The older tutorials have awful pictures, due to an awful camera. The newer ones are getting better. None of the tutorials are truly impressive, but when you're lost on the internet not even knowing the word for what you're trying to figure out, they might come in handy.

Random Projects



Jewelry Projects

Clothing Projects


Just interested in the stencils? You might want the full list of free printable stencils.